What we want:
1) We want to publish your poetry. Please submit up to six (6) poems in a single document.
2) Please submit only once per reading period.
3) No previously published work.
4) Simultaneous submissions are allowed. If any of your poems get accepted to another publication, send us an email to let us know. (epigraphmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com)

If we publish your poems:
1) You give us first publication rights
2) You give us archival rights.
3) You retain copyright. Once published, all rights revert back to you.
4) If your poem(s) end up in a book, chapbook, or elsewhere, we'd appreciate it if you'd mention Epigraph as the original place of publication.

Other stuff to send us:
1) Don’t bother with a formal cover letter.
2) Please give us a brief two or three sentence bio written in the third person. We don't need your complete publication history. If you would like to mention this, just list three or four places at most.
3) We encourage you to link to your personal site, blog, twitter, or whatever else you use as your primary web presence.

Keep in mind: We try to respond quickly to submissions. For instance, if submissions close on June 15th, you should have an answer by the end of June. If this ever happens to take longer, it means that we have something very important on our plates, but we have not forgotten about you. Will get back to you as soon as we can. If we accept your poems, we'll send you an email that you'll need to respond to.
We would recommend that you read the full details on our chapbook series here: http://www.epigraphmagazine.com/chapbook-submissions.html

Here are the basic guidelines & suggestions:

1. Submit your chapbook manuscript as a PDF, doc, or docx file. If we accept your chap, we’ll need a word-compatible file eventually, but PDFs are preferable for reading & assessing your work.

2. In your manuscript, provide a title page that includes your name & email address. At the end of the document, include a bio. Also, include a list of any journals that have published individual pieces from your chapbook, if applicable. You can include any additional information, like an acknowledgments page, if you have it ready, but it’s not important to include that sort of thing in your initial submission.

3.  Any/all of the individual poems in your chapbook can be previously published in various journals, but the chapbook, as a whole, should be unpublished.

4. If you would like to include any multimedia elements in your chapbook, please familiarize yourself with the link posted above. That will tell you what sorts of things we can publish. If you do choose to include any multimedia elements, it’s your choice how you would like to represent them in your submitted manuscript. Feel free to describe any videos/gifs as if you were writing a movie script, include still images, and/or—if they are available online—you can provide links within the manuscript. Do whatever you feel is best to represent your vision.

5. Please include a cover letter in the appropriate field on the Submittable page, but feel free to make it very informal. I hate writing stuffy cover letters, & you probably do too. Tell us a little about yourself & a little about your manuscript. Include whatever you want to share with us. This is just a little way to introduce us to you as a person & a writer, so be as casual as you want.

6. We’re planning on responding to submissions within ~3 months. If 3 months passes & you haven’t heard from us, please shoot us an email.

7. Epigraph chapbooks will be digital & free to read. Unfortunately we are unable to pay for accepted manuscripts at this time. We will, however, provide a platform for our published writers & try our hardest to treat your work with the respect that it deserves. Epigraph's goal has always been to share great poetry with the world as best we can.
Ends on December 15, 2017